Apparel & Accessories Launch Week Event

Coming February 29th - March 4th

This free online event will feature the best products (maybe yours!) to the entire Apparel & Accesories industry.

Applications are now closed, but you can still be a part of the event by creating a profile and adding some products! We will be in touch if our creative team wants to include you in something extra.




Buyers and influencers have asked us to find the best and coolest clothing, accessories, footwear, jewelry and watches and showcase them on social media, in our blog, our newsletter and on the hubba homepage every day during the week of February 29th. 

To get your brand showcased, simply create at least one product profile in Hubba (click the fancy blue button) for your best selling/most popular product(s).

Once you publish your profile, it will instantly be shared with the entire Hubba community consisting of 100s of retail buyers, industry influencers and "cool kids".

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